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Excite Interview: Music Meets Gourmet (EN)
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Оригинал http://ent2.excite.co.jp/music/meets/1011/interview0...
Перевод принадлежит mokax3!

Выложен с разрешения переводчика.

On B-1 Grandprix 2008, Since "Shiro Kohorumon" (translated as White Cows/Pigs' Entrails) won the grandprix,
it has become people's attention now.

Nowadays more shop have taken a speciality on it.
One among them, has been known for its taste, recommended by KEIGO.
But this time, KOHSHI and TAKE will give their opinion on this gourmet.

KEIGO is rather sticky to this shop which is located in Roppongi area.
"This place kicks!", KEIGO said.

Rather than looked like a common Yakiniku store, this one has a casual restaurant with pub-like interior.
Since their stomach are already groaning, KEIGO, KOHSHI and TAKE ordered a menu.

「I’ll leave it to KEIGO’s choice」said KOHSHI.

「Me too」TAKE replied.

Then KEIGO shouted「OK!!」

KOHSHI quickly plunged in, 「He’s always quick to respond with lots of enthusiasm when asked」.*laughter*

KEIGO’s order are “Pig’s Intestine”, “Throat-slice”, “Cow’s Offals”and then “Liver Slice”.
They were lucky since “Liver Slice”menu is quite limited in this shop.
Waiting for the main menu, they ordered an appetizer, “Fried Cabbage”.

When the menu arrived, those three were caught by the meat texture.
It was kinda bright and glossy, not to mention its high quality.

「Hey, it’s good!」said KEIGO.

「The soft and semi-crunchy texture made this one very delicious.」TAKE added.

Though the menu have been explained on the shop’s magazine, it’s still Pig Intestine! I feel not good.(the Writer said. Maybe he’s imagining it’s still raw.)

Seeing the Writer looks funny, KEIGO quickly give a full explanation about it.
「The menu was baked with charcoal fire, inside a seven circled net cooker.」

KOHSHI gazed then said,「I have no idea how to bake offals…」

KEIGO gave a nod,「Surely it have to be baked since the raw texture was stiff.」

The manager who happened to passed by also added, 「Fresh cow’s offals which have excellent quality are ready to eat after being processed by baking it until it’s tender. That’s the best.」

The baking steps were like, dipping it into oil and start baking on high-temperature charcoal fire for a moment only. Then take it out from the incineration with a net poured with ice to cools it off.

「I see! What a nice explanation!」TAKE said…

*eating Cow’s Offals* 「But I still can feels cold biting! Needs beer…」said KEIGO.

(But since today they will go home with car, they took softdrinks instead. That’s the real deal…)

TAKE seems gonna boast about this shop’s menus to everyone, according to his smiley face. But today’s culinary paper hasn’t finished… *laughing*

KOHSHI bolting across, 「I’m going to spread it also! The taste of this foods matched Yakitori’s!」

「Tastes like home-made,eh? The unique crisp texture has made these kinda like a grilled healthy foods!」KEIGO said.

TAKE starts to write today’s culinary report while grumbling *laughing*

「The Throat-Slice.. tastes like Tori (bird’s meat).」 (KOHSHI)

「Tastes good!」(TAKE)

「Since this kind of foods are also available in other countries, I bet the tastes would be different than these. But it’s good.」(KEIGO)

Commentary finished, they continued eating, but this time with the shop’s secret sauce.

「The chilli sauce comes to a great taste also」, TAKE commented.

Looks like he wanna order some more, but the commentary has over and they have been given all of the menus from that shop.

Then TAKE was like, 「How about some extras?」

Minutes later, the extras were out. “Pork Tongue”, “Maruchou”, “Liver”, and even more “Cow’s Offals”.

Thus, waiting for the extras to be served, they talked about Offals.

「Offals menu is only for adult, right?
I remember when I was a kid, I went to a restaurant with my father and he said while drinking, “Offals aren’t for kid.
The texture was hard, thus you will have problems swallowing it”.
But after I graduated from High School, maybe at the age 23/24,
I went to that shop again and at last, I could eat Offals.
The shop manager also said, he will only serve Offals to adults.
My first expectation was “It tastes like beef!”
but the fact, it’s not that good.
Drinking beer in the end was a good choice afterall.」(KEIGO)

「Often ate many kind of Offals, but I’ve always failed to memorize the name. One thing I can remember was the unique texture that will make you go for it over and over again. 」(KOHSHI)

「Offals isn’t a good choice at first.
But now, on November 2010, I’m officially Offals’ fan *laughing*
I also thought about having these as dinner.
You know, it’s kinda cool when you said, “Hey, do you know there’s something tastier than roasts?!”
and they’re like, “Really, what’s that?”so of course I’ll take them here to have their tongue on these delicious gourmet, *laughing*」(TAKE)

Again, TAKE is boasting about Offals on the middle of his culinary report…

「Females are often worried when eating roasts as it contain much calories. But sure, we can go all the way we like with Offals.」(TAKE)

「Offals are different from roasts.」(KOHSHI)

「And it’s not as expensive as roasts.」(KEIGO)
「Maybe we should pursue the readers out there to taste this!」(KOHSHI)

「Also, if we eat here 4-5 persons, wouldn’t it deepen our friendship? Putting the flesh on seven-circled net cooker, together sharing laughs?」(TAKE)

「Not to mention, FLOW was formed by friendship also.」(KOHSHI)

「…You’re careless! I’ll roast this one out!!」(TAKE)

「My foods!!」(KEIGO)

Anyway, seems those three would come here later with the other FLOW members.
Sharing the same table, surely it would be a lovely sight of friendship.

Now KOHSHI is concentrating on his ready-to-bake “Pig’s Tongue Slice” and TAKE startled him.

「I’ve never seen something like this! It even thicked than Cow’s Tongue!!」(TAKE)

KEIGO was also said「Oh you’re right! It’s so thick! But I bet you two will forget about this and absorbed on eating it.」*laughing*

Another ready-to-bake menu has arrived, “Maruchou”.
It looked like small intestines of a cattle…
TAKE was shouting 「Maruchou! Maruchou!」and he sounded like a murderer who has just killed a victim.
Let’s hear what they said about this “Maruchou”.

「(talking to the Maruchou on the cooker)Maruchou, the oil wasn’t too hot isn’t it? Glad I could see you again on this smoke…」(TAKE)

「Maruchou, you’ve been murdered!?」(KEIGO)

「(pretended being Maruchou)……」(TAKE)

「(horiffic face)NOO! MARUCHOOOU!!!」(KEIGO)

When the flesh was ready to be plucked out from the cooker, the three took it by chopstick.

「Maruchou, don’t be angry with me. I’m going to dip you into my mouth and swallow it! Here I go!」(TAKE)

The other two stared at the cooker.

「Lards… isn’t it?」(KEIGO)

「Yep. Just like sukiyaki meat dipped in oil.」(KOHSHI)
Well, the “Maruchou” has been deep-fried on oil, afterall.

Swallowing the meat, it seems those three liked it.

「Delicious! I like this!」(KOHSHI)

「Yes! Me too!」KEIGO added.

It seems someone haven’t had much, and he continued eating more from another two plates.


「Don’t ask ”What??”, you!」(KEIGO)

「The texture is crunchy!」(KOHSHI)

「This’s kinda different from the other.」(KEIGO)

「Yep, unique.」(KOHSHI)

TAKE added, 「It’s the first time I ate this. Is this “Maruchou” part close to Liver?
Nevertheless, it was really, really different from the previous dishes.
Oh yeah, I used the same sauce, so what’s delicious was the “Maruchou”.
The taste? Difficult to be expressed with words. Simply, delicious.」

After, they also gave opinions about “Liver Slice”menu.

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「It’s either bird’s or chicken’s liver.」KEIGO explained, and TAKE gave an agree expression.

「Once when I was kid, i remember chewing an expired meat-like snack and I thought it was Liver. I went back to the shop and the owner explained it wasn’t Liver. But hey, the taste wasn’t bad!」KEIGO told KOHSHI with laughing expression.

Looks like those three haven’t had enough so they ordered some Offals again.
What a beautiful Offals Day.

「At the first glance this shop isn’t different from the others. Well, that’s before I had these Offals!」(KEIGO)

「One more discovery about delicious foods. I’m satisfied with these.」(KOHSHI)

「No more B-rank for this foods! I’ve added a PLUS on it!」(TAKE)

Here’s the end for Offals’ Story. (TAKE ate another bowl of rice) We’re glad to come here.
Roppongi has provide us fresh and high quality meats on their recommended menus.
If you’re interested to have a taste about best quality Offals here, please check the shop’s info for their open time.

Форум » ~~ FLOW ~~ » Переводы » Excite Interview: Music Meets Gourmet (EN) (Перевод принадлежит mokax3!)
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